Ivy Educational Services reduces anxiety through the college admission process by providing expert tutoring and counseling.

A test-prep expert and a college counselor created a place to reduce anxiety throughout the admission process. A place where counselors and tutors work together to increase student confidence and broaden educational options, including a middle and high school for divergent thinkers—FlexSchool.

Ivy Ed is that Place

Test Preparation

Ivy Educational Services provides test preparation for ACT, SAT and redesigne SAT.

Teaching students the academics along with testing strategies. (SAT, ACT, SAT subject tests, AP, IB, ISEE, SSAT, COOP, TOEFL, GRE, LSAT, GMAT, MCAT)

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Curriculum Tutoring

Ivy Educational Services tailors the curriculum tutoring to the student.

Empowering students in all subjects: elementary, middle, and high school. Tutors also available for most college subjects.

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College Counseling

Ivy Educational Services offers college counseling to fit the student to the school.

Guiding students through their journey toward college. College transfer counseling, essay and application assistance (prep school, college, and graduate school) also available.

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Ivy Education International Students are tutored one on one and via skype.

Providing intensive test prep programs and online tutoring for students on journeys to US colleges. Also offering live-in homeschooling or homestays in the US.

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FlexSchool, an adjunct program of Ivy Educational Services, Inspires Intellectual Curiosity in its gifted and talented students

A 21st century schoolhouse for unique students who yearn for academic adventure beyond traditional school. International students who attend receive I20 and homestay.

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Grad School & Career Counseling

Ivy Educational Services offers career counseling to its high school and post-graduate students.

Brainstorming and counseling support for those applying for internships, first jobs, or changing careers. Also available: help with cover letters, resumes, and mock interviews.

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One of my daughters says that she has never had a better math teacher in her life, and my other daughter comes out of Skype tutoring sessions for her least favorite subject saying, “That was so much fun!” Thank you for all of the support for our whole family. (Lausanne, Switzerland)

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Upcoming Events


Introduction to Jave Programming

We are excited to offer a new class at out Fanwood location as well as Newmark’s campus, January 30-March 26. One of Ivy Ed’s tutors will be teaching a computer coding course. For more details click here.

School Closings

Monday February 15       President’s Day



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