About Us

Ivy Educational Services has provided the finest test preparation, college counseling, curriculum tutoring and more by combining a stellar faculty with an innovative, personalized program.

Ivy Ed is based on five ideals.


Put the student first. Always.

We have to make decisions every day that force us to live by this tenet. Should a student stop prepping even though they could eke out 20 more points? Yes, because those points won’t change an admission decision.


Reduce Anxiety

Reduce anxiety through the college admission process by aligning the student to the college. Students thrive when they are in a college that suits them intellectually, socially, and extracurricularly. Finding the right college is the culmination of an important journey, and we are honored to support students on their paths.


Match Students with Experts

Matching students with subject experts makes academic material come alive during a curriculum tutoring session. A tutor’s enthusiasm can make learning fun, so we only let tutors teach subjects they love.


We Take the Long View

It is more important to get out of college than it is to get in, so teach students the academics underlying the SAT and ACT rather than teach only strategies. This philosophy means we are uniquely able to prepare students for the redesigned SAT, which focuses far more on critical thinking and academic knowledge than ever before.


Every Student is Different

Develop a program for students with learning challenges so that they can show all they are capable of on standardized tests and in the classroom. At any given time, about 30% of our students are struggling with a learning challenge.

Ivy Ed, for me, was much more than test-prep and college counseling. After freshman year, [my college counselor and tutor] inspired me to be a more engaged member of my community, and for all that I thank you. I truly believe, without a doubt in my mind, that you two played an integral role in getting me to where I am today. I hope that Ivy Ed continues to inspire students as it did to me. Thank you so much!
(Warren, New Jersey)
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