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College Admissions and Demonstrated Interest: The Dating Game

It is stressful to be a Dean of Enrollment at any college or university. Colleges admit more students than they have room for because not all students will accept an offer of admission. Admissions offices [...]

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Takeaways from Early Decision/Early Action decisions of 2018

Nicole Oringer, Ivy Ed’s Founder, will present a monthly blog entitled “Founder’s Corner” with her thoughts on college admissions, which we will share with all Ivy Ed families. Please feel free to send comments and [...]

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Home and Help for the Holidays

During winter recess, as a high school junior (or the parent of one), you may have a few weeks off due to the holidays and some spare time on your hands....what can you or your [...]

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“Let’s get back to being hooked on phonics” by Christine B.

My junior year of college, I was required to take a course called Emergent Literacy. It was one of the first of my courses that was a prerequisite for student teaching; the premise of the [...]

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Revised and Updated Curriculum

We are excited to show you Ivy Ed's new books! You may notice some new materials around our offices...with the trees and leaves changing, our curriculum has undergone a transformation, too! While the essence of [...]

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As the Pendulum Swings

Sounds like a soap opera title, doesn’t it? In the lives of us test preppers, it might as well be a soap opera: the SAT has overtaken market share from the ACT for the first [...]

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