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Googling How to Succeed in Business

While passing water dispensers filled with fresh fruit and cucumbers, a cooking studio, wellness center, gym, and play area (complete with ping pong tables and video games), I observed people scooting by on their Razors [...]

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Controversy, Cows, and Colleges

While Aunt Becky was being incriminated for buying her daughters’ way into USC, my colleague and I went on a ten-colleges-in-four-days whirlwind tour. In the midst of driving past lots of cows and as the [...]

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On Curiosity

Nicole Oringer’s (Founder of Ivy Ed) monthly blog tackles the importance of curiosity in the academic, career, and personal growth of our youth. Enjoy!  On Curiosity I will never forget a student who was admitted to Yale [...]

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Joe Korfmacher quoted in US News & World Report

Hey Everyone, we just wanted to share this recent US News & World Report article, where our very own Director of College Counseling, Joe Korfmacher was quoted multiple times, doing his very best to continue [...]

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College Admissions and Demonstrated Interest: The Dating Game

It is stressful to be a Dean of Enrollment at any college or university. Colleges admit more students than they have room for because not all students will accept an offer of admission. Admissions offices [...]

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Takeaways from Early Decision/Early Action decisions of 2018

Nicole Oringer, Ivy Ed’s Founder, will present a monthly blog entitled “Founder’s Corner” with her thoughts on college admissions, which we will share with all Ivy Ed families. Please feel free to send comments and [...]

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