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SSAT/ISEE Scores in the Independent School Admissions Process

At Ivy Ed, we sometimes say we specialize in alphabet soup because the tests our students take go by so many different acronyms:  SSAT, ISEE, GED, GRE, and so on.  Today we’re focusing on the [...]

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Leadership: A Conversation with College Counselor Kathleen DeLuca About What Colleges Really Value

What do colleges look for? Leadership, leadership, LEADERSHIP! At least that is the message that most college-bound students are receiving. This trend is highlighted in two recent articles published by The New York Times and [...]

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Calming Calculator Confusion: Updated 3/24/2017

UPDATED:  3/24/2017 We understand that some of our students who took the February ACT and were told to clear their calculators' memory received responses to their feedback forms filed with the ACT.  We continue to [...]

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Don’t Be a Sheep!

By Nicole Oringer, Ivy Ed Founder and Partner As a college counselor for the past 27 years, my greatest message to families is not to focus on branding but to be good consumers when it [...]

Hot Tip: The Best ACT and SAT Test Dates!

By Jon Tarella SPOILER: They don’t exist, at least not in an absolute sense. Students and parents often ask us which test date administration of the ACT or SAT they should be taking. They hear [...]

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It’s almost game day!

It’s almost game day! But we’re not talking about the Super Bowl.  Many students are focusing on ACT/SAT tests in the next few months, so they’re facing a game day of their own!  Ivy Ed [...]

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