Googling How to Succeed in Business

While passing water dispensers filled with fresh fruit and cucumbers, a cooking studio, wellness center, gym, and play area (complete with ping pong tables and video games), I observed people scooting by on their Razors and the cafeterias were filled with vegan options. I was not visiting a fancy college-I was touring Google in New [...]

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Controversy, Cows, and Colleges

While Aunt Becky was being incriminated for buying her daughters’ way into USC, my colleague and I went on a ten-colleges-in-four-days whirlwind tour. In the midst of driving past lots of cows and as the scandal became breaking news, one little college emerged that seems to be doing everything just right.   In a world [...]

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On Curiosity

Nicole Oringer’s (Founder of Ivy Ed) monthly blog tackles the importance of curiosity in the academic, career, and personal growth of our youth. Enjoy!  On Curiosity I will never forget a student who was admitted to Yale and when asked by her peers how she got in, she responded that the way to get into Yale is not to [...]

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Joe Korfmacher quoted in US News & World Report

Hey Everyone, we just wanted to share this recent US News & World Report article, where our very own Director of College Counseling, Joe Korfmacher was quoted multiple times, doing his very best to continue to bring a wellness approach to college counseling...enjoy! https://www.usnews.com/education/best-colleges/articles/2019-02-22/how-long-the-sat-is-and-how-to-manage-that-time

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College Admissions and Demonstrated Interest: The Dating Game

It is stressful to be a Dean of Enrollment at any college or university. Colleges admit more students than they have room for because not all students will accept an offer of admission. Admissions offices don’t want to over enroll because they will not have enough space to house and accommodate students. Under enrolling is [...]

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You won’t get a grade in these subjects, but they’re just as important

While you spend four years at college ostensibly to learn academic subjects and be prepared for the next phase of life (whether it’s entering the working world or continuing to grad school), utilizing and developing non-cognitive skills is just as important. You will be faced with new tasks that previously may have been done for [...]

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Ivy Ed in Spain’s “El Pais”: If you want to find work, stop looking for jobs

This week, Spain’s “El Pais” interviewed Ivy Ed’s founder and owner Nicole Oringer and career counselor Carolyn Magnani for a training piece on how Spaniards seek jobs.  Here is a translation of the article which appeared September 12th, 2016: If you want to find work, stop looking for jobs by ANA TORRES Menárguez Experts note that in [...]

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ACT to SAT Concordance and Test Dates

Concordance ACT to SAT ACT and the College Board have completed a concordance study that is designed to examine the relationship between two scores on the ACT and SAT. These concordance tables do not equate scores, but rather provide a tool for finding comparable scores. 2016-2017 SAT/ACT Test Dates   Check with your Guidance Office and College Board [...]

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Go with your gut!

At Ivy Ed, we are in summer testing evaluation mode.  What this means is that dozens of rising high school Juniors are streaming into our offices to sit for a practice test so they can see how they would perform on an actual one.  We provide this service so that we can give students an [...]

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Fair? Nope. Cheating? Probably. Unsurprising And Preventable? Definitely

In May 2013, the College Board outright cancelled the administration of the SAT in South Korea because someone had obtained and distributed copies of numerous SAT and SAT Subject Tests.  Since some of these tests consisted of entirely new material that had never been used on previous assessments, the only logical conclusion is that either [...]

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