Oops, they did it again…August 2018 SAT contains recycled questions

For our parents of and students who took Saturday’s August 2018 SAT, you may have heard that the material was pulled from tests previously distributed abroad. While this may be true, this is nothing new. We wrote about the possible cheating that may accompany reused material two years ago (!) and have re-posted the article [...]

August 27th, 2018|0 Comments

CBT: ACTs Administered Outside the US Are Now Computer-Based Only (With Some Exceptions)

Beginning in September of 2018, the ACT will no longer be administered on paper in countries other than United States, presumably in response to recent concerns regarding test security abroad. Exceptions will be made for students with special accommodations – a bit more on that later. For international students taking the ACT without accommodations or [...]

July 20th, 2018|0 Comments

June SAT scores and ongoing concerns

Regarding the ongoing controversy about scores on the June SAT (about which browse the responses on Twitter to the College Board’s official response, or lack thereof), it may be helpful, though hardly consolation, to understand how apparently unfair “equated” scoring like this comes about. A good deal of the following is educated guessing, because the [...]

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Anxiety, ADHD, and the ACT

Time and half on the ACT may seem like a blessing to some, but for others it might be a curse. One of the most commonly granted accommodations for the ACT is “time and a half” on one day or National Testing Standard time with Accommodations/Extended Time. As an educator, I agree with granting extended [...]

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What’s with the watches?

A few years ago, we published a blog regarding an ACT pacing watch (see https://ivyed.net/a-security-blanket-that-isnt-even-soft-our-thoughts-on-the-act-pacing-watch/). At the time, there were several flaws with it:  it didn’t account for the 2015 change to the ACT essay timing (which added an additional 10 minutes) and it couldn’t be adjusted for students who have Extended Time.  Well, since [...]

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Girls and women marching towards STEM

On this eve of the 2018 Women’s March in NYC, DC, and many other cities, we think it’s appropriate to re-post one of our favorite blogs about girls in STEM. We received an email about a young student who was inspired by it and wanted to share a resource she found:  http://ithare.com/tips-for-getting-girls-involved-in-stem/ She was researching [...]

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Health for College

For those of us who have sent children off to college, we know the anxiety and stress that comes along with the excitement. The oldest child is often the most challenging because of the unknowns and then when the youngest heads off, it can leave the quiet in our homes sounding very loud. One of the [...]

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Reminder: FAFSA and CSS are open

October 1 was the first day that anyone expecting to apply for financial aid could access, complete, and submit the FAFSA and CSS/PROFILE. Here's what you need to know about these forms and their deadlines. -All institutions require submission of the FAFSA for financial aid consideration. For current high school seniors expecting to attend college [...]

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Don’t worry about the PSAT scores

As November is upon us, high school juniors (and some sophomores) have just taken the PSAT. They were offered in October at many schools, and we just wanted to remind both students and parents that the PSATs are nothing to be afraid of.  At best they can help you earn some scholarship money through the [...]

November 1st, 2017|0 Comments

Don’t Worry About It

Don’t worry about it. This is one of my favorite things to tell students and parents. I do realize that although it sounds simple, it is a loaded statement. The New York Times Magazine’s cover article this week was entitled “The Kids Who Can’t: Why are more American teenagers than ever are suffering from severe [...]

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