Ivy Educational Services test preparations goalsAs November is upon us, high school juniors (and some sophomores) have just taken the PSAT. They were offered in October at many schools, and we just wanted to remind both students and parents that the PSATs are nothing to be afraid of.  At best they can help you earn some scholarship money through the NMSQT, and at worst, they are your first experience with the College Board and standardized testing that may be a part of the next few years.

Results for the PSATs should be available mid-December and they can offer guidance, especially to juniors, in terms of a testing plan. To assist with a testing plan, we offer FREE PSAT evaluations: 20-minute sessions where you can speak with one of our testing experts about a plan for your child.  We will discuss the PSAT results and may recommend that your child take a FREE ACT so that we can compare the results to those of the SAT. Please remember that the ACT is as widely accepted as the SAT at American colleges and may be a better fit for some students. At these evaluation sessions, we discuss which test may be better, when your child should start preparing and testing, and which type of preparation (class or private instruction) would be appropriate. So give us a call or email us to set up an appointment. We are happy to meet with you whether you choose us or another organization for test preparation.