Ivy Ed for International Students

Curriculum Tutoring

We have tutors for all academic subjects typically taught through high school in the United States, from remedial levels to AP/IB. Ivy Ed hires academic experts and then trains them to teach students of all levels and abilities. Homework assignments are tailored to each student rather than being pulled from generic resources. The majority of our students come to our offices for sessions, but we see students around the United States and internationally via Skype combined with an electronic whiteboard. Tutoring via voice and whiteboard alone is not engaging enough and does not establish enough rapport for the tutor to inspire the student sufficiently. We find that Skype sessions allow the tutor and client to establish a personal connection.

Ivy Educational Services offers creative international school programs.
Ivy Educational Services offers an test pre plan service for international students.

Test Preparation

Our test preparation and curriculum tutoring go hand-in-hand because we believe that helping students understand the academic material they need to succeed on a test or in the classroom is far better than teaching only test-taking tricks (though we teach those too!). For example, we show students how to read between the lines before we ever present them with an SAT/ACT reading section. We believe that students feel most confident with a solid academic foundation, supplemented by smart test-taking strategies. Just as important, we are thrilled that many of our “test prep students” begin to thrive in the classroom as a result of their improved academic preparation.

College Counseling

Our college counselors have experience working with students from countries around the world who are interested in attending college in the United States. We are very familiar with the International Baccalaureate Diploma, and we work to create college lists with the understanding that time to explore colleges in the US is limited for international students. We also guide students so they know which standardized tests to take (including the TOEFL) and when to take them.

College Admission Tests

Private Tutoring (SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, AP, IB)
One-on-one tutoring with subject and test expert. Free test simulation and calculator programs for all private tutoring students.

Semi-Private Tutoring (SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, AP, IB)
On a case-by-case basis, we are happy to offer curriculum tutoring or test prep to friends or classmates in a single session. Students must be academically at similar levels and interested in covering the same academic material. Prices are arranged based on the number of students involved.

Graduate School Admission Tests

Ivy Ed provides private test prep, in person or via Skype (and online whiteboard), for the following graduate school exams: GMAT and GRE.

Private School Admission Tests

Ivy Ed provides one-on-one test prep, in person, or via Skype (with an online whiteboard), and class packages for the following private school exams: SSAT, ISEE, COOP, TOEFL, and school-specific tests.

Here’s what Students and Parents Have to Say

I took this class with several of my friends from Haut Lac; the other students were from other schools in Lausanne, Zurich, Gstaad, Paris, and New York. The course was challenging and I found that it covered many things that I would have completely looked over if I had studied by myself. The course provided me with resources that have proved extremely valuable even after the course had finished. The instructors were fun and understanding, and went out of their way to be accommodating to me and the rest of the students taking the course. Because we took this class through Ivy Ed, we continue to have access to tutors with expertise in all subject areas relevant to our performance on these tests as well as the subject matter at school. I love working with Ivy Ed.
Andrew C.

There are many great SAT prep courses available here in Switzerland. The IvyEd course is better. When I took the course in 2013 I was able to see immediate progress in my test scores compared to progress in other SAT courses I have taken here in Switzerland and the US, in part because of its intensity; the course has lessons every day for a full week whereas other courses are once a week, which reduces the study and learning rhythm of many students. The course also alternates between Math and Critical Reading/ Writing every day to keep a varied tone and stay interesting.

Furthermore, the tutors at IvyEd are knowledgeable not only about the SAT, but also about school choices and other helpful information on how to apply, select and get into American universities. Most important of all, IvyEd offers Skype sessions for students that can be booked almost any day of the year, which are extremely useful to do a few days before tackling the real SAT exams. No other prep courses offer this service so readily.

Overall, I believe IvyEd was the key factor that helped me reach a score of 2200 in my SATs and allowed me to apply to the universities I really wanted to attend.

The team spirit was amazing during the whole duration of the camp. The teachers were incredibly friendly, and the atmosphere was joyful; it didn’t feel like school.

IvyEd counselors provide insight into the US Admissions process beyond any typical guidance counselor. They helped me realize that choosing a college is much more about personal fit instead of prestige or name brand. IvyEd helped with all things testing, interviews, recommendations, essays, and the Common App. I was ultimately accepted at my first choice school!
Andrew S.

Being an expat we felt like we were out of touch with the US College Admissions process. When we learned about Ivy Ed’s approach to the ACT/SAT test prep we were impressed with the customized approach to educating our son as to which test he should focus his efforts on and why. Then they evaluated each of the subject areas with our son and designing how he should best spend his time to maximize his effectiveness and chances for improvement. They really have been his “partner” throughout this process, making it much more understandable for him. While he has ownership over the outcome, he realizes that he has control at the same time. We met each of the teachers that taught the class and their credentials were impressive, from their own scores on the tests to their fields of academic study. The feedback from my son and his friends was that they loved the class and they were glad they took it. We never expected him to be so happy to take this class before we signed him up. We highly recommend Ivy Ed.

Ivy Ed counseling helped answer the questions we really needed to know for college applications, letters of recommendation, and college selection. Without their services, we would have been lost in the application process. We also took advantage of the college test prep one on one tutoring; this was an important aspect of Ivy Ed’s offering. The tutors were very knowledgeable and had a unique teaching style that helped Andrew stay motivated. I highly recommend Ivy Ed to anyone considering applying to US universities.

Even as American-educated parents, things have changed a lot since we were in University. IvyEd prepared our kids and prepared us to support our children for the standardized testing and the college search process. The teachers were amazing at engaging our children, identifying their strengths and areas to focus.”
Brenda and Robert

The teachers were great! They created a comfortable atmosphere that made it easy and fun to learn. It was also a great review before starting the IB program.

This course was perfectly catered to my preparation needs, especially because by working in small groups, I was able to get the one-on-one attention I needed to understand.

We felt that our son was ready to embark on the SAT examination adventure after this summer revision camp.

I’m not sure we could have done it without Nicole and Jacqui. We could have done it, but the experience would have been so different. The anxiety and stress within the family and within our daughter would have been so much higher. The awareness of how to go about the whole college process, the testing, the college information, the applications, etc., would have been so much more limited. The understanding of the long-term preparation and particularities regarding the IB program and American Universities would have been lacking. And I am an American, who’s been through undergraduate and graduate school in the U.S. College applications and college testing has changed a great deal since I was in school… and the whole process has become a great deal more complicated.

We met Jacqui and Nicole via skype before they came to Switzerland. After speaking for almost 45 minutes with them, our daughter, Arielle, felt that these were two women who really cared about what she wanted and needed. She felt heard.

Jacqui and Nicole came to Switzerland to offer SAT/ACT prep courses and to introduce the idea of College Counseling for those who were interested. First, the focus was on the testing with Jacqui. Arielle began with taking both practice tests. Based on the results and the way she responded to questions, IvyEd was able to recommend which testing would be most appropriate for Arielle, i.e. on which test would she more likely succeed. Then the two courses were offered for each group… those who had SAT preference and those who had ACT preference. They taught important skills necessary for understanding how to go about answering the questions, to maximize output in minimal time. They taught tricks that have been so helpful for our daughter. Her score after the class was significantly higher. This one-week course has given our daughter a boost of confidence and has taken some of the stress out of the anticipated test taking. Since the course, we are in touch via email and Skype. Jacqui is an amazing writer and has been a great support in this area.

During their week in Switzerland, we also had the opportunity to talk about College Counseling with Nicole. She spent a great deal of time talking to Arielle, getting to know her… her likes, her dislikes, her goals, her strengths, hobbies, preferences, style, etc. And then, when she went
back to the U.S., she set out to find the types of universities that would meet Arielle’s needs and preferences. She has travelled and continues to travel throughout the U.S. visiting universities in each state at all levels of academic standing. As an American who has gone through the university system myself, I was familiar with possibly 20-30 schools maximum and really knew of maybe 10. Nicole knows hundreds personally, and she has a sense of them. Consequently, she found schools for Arielle that I had never heard of… excellent schools that offer what Arielle is looking for. Nicole is also insanely organized and this has been my biggest gift. She organizes the whole process, connecting with Arielle over skype and talking about her progress in school, activities, etc. When Arielle gets off her skype call with Nicole, she is beaming with a sense of empowerment. For me, this is most important. She helped Arielle in the organization of dates and deadlines for testing and visits as well. We went to California over spring break last April and she offered us a recommended itinerary of visits to schools, what each school offers during the visits, who accepts interviews and who doesn’t, and all the details that Arielle, my husband or I would not know to take into account or how to go about finding. Don’t get me wrong, we have plenty of work to do on our end. But the structure and direction of how to go about this process is in IvyEd’s hands.

Our daughter is presently finishing up her DP2 year and will be graduating in May. This year is an incredibly stressful year for the students, with important papers and exams in addition to the college applications. Nicole was our lifesaver! She helped Arielle set deadlines for all of these tasks, supporting her all along the way, including writing skills and practice interviews. Arielle prepared her applications with time to spare (which in my book is almost impossible), and she was already accepted in December, early decision, to her first choice school. Nicole and Jacqui have a sense of what universities are looking for today. They are constantly researching and are therefore aware of the latest trends.

Since Nicole and Jacqui’s visit to Switzerland, it has been a relationship between Arielle and IvyEd. My husband and I, as the parents, are certainly in the picture; however, most of the responsibility is on Arielle. This is her experience. She knows that any time she has a question or needs support, she can turn to them. And she does.

We are so grateful for the personal relationship we have with Nicole and Jacqui. The understanding and caring can only be found in a boutique company like IvyEd.