Summer Programs and Community Service

Summer Programs

Pre-college summer programs allow for students to experience something different. In most cases these programs are not “resume builders”; rather, they are experiential opportunities to further explore interests, passions, and even institutions. The following programs are those we feel are wonderful opportunities for students. This is not meant to represent a complete list of what is available; rather, these are just some highlights:

Useful Online Resources

Institutions with Various Options

Selective Programs

(Check websites, many are by nomination only)


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

Environmental Studies and Marine Biology


Foreign Language Studies

Performing Arts

Art and Photography Summer Programs

Community Service

Community service and volunteer work can be incredibly valuable experiences and, although they will not typically make or break the college application, our view is that these experiences can certainly help to balance a student’s profile. If students are committed to certain organizations or experiences these opportunities can serve as primary activities for students. Students should definitely use their passions when seeking opportunities (i.e. athletes ask coaches about camps and youth coaching opportunities, musicians ask teachers about opportunities they may know of, and strong students often have opportunities to tutor). Keep in mind these experiences must be consistent and REAL.

Community Service and Volunteer Opportunities by Zip Code