Nicole Oringer, MA, EdM


A graduate of Bucknell University and Columbia University’s Teacher’s College, Nicole has been a teacher and school counselor. She has a 28-year record of guiding students to schools that suit them well academically and socially. She has helped place hundreds of happy students at colleges and universities across the country. Having visited over 250 colleges, Nicole offers her insights about college counseling to the many counselors she has supervised and trained. She is also a frequent presenter at state and national conferences. She opened up her private practice in 1994 and subsequently became a founding partner of Ivy Ed. She is a member of IECA, NACAC, NJACAC, and HECA and is a New Jersey Certified School Counselor.

Jacqueline Byrne


The creative teaching techniques that Jacqueline Byrne developed form the basis of the curriculum at Ivy Ed. Her innovative methods, developed over 26 years, have helped Ivy Ed’s students write compelling college admissions essays that showcase their own best writing abilities and have enabled them to significantly increase their test scores and academic grades. A Yale graduate with a BA in English, Jacqui developed Ivy Ed’s customized testing curricula using her years of experience diagnosing students’ strengths and weaknesses. Her SAT prep book, SAT Vocabulary Express (McGraw Hill, 2004) introduces students to a new strategy for improving their functional vocabulary and raising their SAT and ACT verbal scores.

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