Leadership Team

Carol Chimento

Director of Operations

Carol graduated from Centenary College with a BS in Business. In 2005, “a friend” (Jacqui) asked her for some “help” organizing her new company. Carol had so much fun “helping” Jacqui and Nicole that she closed her shipping business after two years and joined Ivy Ed full time.
Carol is now the Director of Operations for Ivy Ed. Carol especially enjoys seeing the students at Ivy Ed blossom as they reach their goals. Carol lives in Fanwood with her husband and daughter.

Ivy Educational Services staff faculty tutor Stefanie.

Stefanie Toye

Executive Director, Ed.M.

Stefanie has been with Ivy Ed for over five years. Prior to that, she worked at Rutgers University where she earned a Master’s degree in Literacy Education. She graduated with a B.A. from the University of Virginia and then studied at universities in Italy, taking courses in Italian language, literature, and art history. Stefanie also worked at a large test prep and admissions company where she spent several years teaching SAT and TOEFL courses and managed various high school and graduate classes. She holds a CE for English at the secondary level.


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