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Anika graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor ‘ s degree in Neuroscience and a minor in Chemistry. She tutored in high school and was a teaching assistant during her undergraduate career. She is currently studying for the medical school admissions test.

SAT/ACT Math and Verbal, ISEE/SSAT




Anthony earned his BA in English Literature and Writing from Messiah College and has been tutoring a wide variety of students for over five years. He has had several works published, from journalism to poetry, and is currently completing a novel.

SAT/ACT Verbal, Literature, Writing, Study Skills, ESL, ISEE, SSAT




Arpit earned dual Bachelor’s degrees in Biological Sciences and Chemistry at Rutgers University in 2013. He has researched bacterial photosynthesis and was formerly in EMS. He’s currently pursuing teaching degrees in Biological and Physical Sciences.

ACT Math/Science, SAT Math, GRE/GMAT Math, MCAT: biology, chemistry and physics, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, Honors Physics, Statistics, Linear Algebra and Calculus I-III




Betty has been teaching High School Mathematics for more than twenty years. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Secondary Education from San Pedro Nolasco University in Argentina, where she also worked for many years writing Math Curriculum for High School and Adult Education. Throughout her lengthy teaching career, she has taught everything from Pre-Algebra to Calculus and Statistics.

SAT/ACT Math/Science, GRE, Statistics, Calculus




Bob has an undergraduate degree in history with a minor in literature and a masters in European history, all from Rutgers. Bob was a member of ROTC during college and then an officer in an elite Army Ranger Paratrooper unit. He has been a history teacher, detective, and horse farmer, in pretty much that order.

SAT/ACT Verbal, US History, European History, Study Skills, Writing



Christine graduated with high honors from Rutgers School of Engineering with a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering.  She has more than twelve years of teaching and tutoring experience, from the elementary to the college level.  Christine recently earned her Doctorate in Medicine (M.D.) and is preparing to apply for residency.

SAT/ACT Math/Science, ISEE/SSAT, Math/Science Curriculum




Deb received her Bachelor’s degree from Villanova University and her Master’s degree in Education from Rutgers. Deb taught test prep to American students in Zurich while living there. She is also a certified teacher.

SAT/ACT Verbal, Study Skills, Reading & Writing Curriculum



Delavar has an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences and a graduate degree in Managerial Science, from Rutgers University and Amberton University. He has experience with students of different learning styles and abilities. In addition to many years of verbal tutoring for SAT/ACT, ISEE and GRE, he has taught students how to prepare for AP English classes. He’s an avid reader and writer and has a collection of poetry and science fiction that he’s written over the years. His Master’s program also involved a lengthy thesis and research papers. In his free time, Delavar enjoys writing, and he plays basketball as well as tennis.

GRE/ACT/SAT Verbal, ISEE/SSAT, Writing




Don is a Boston College graduate who has recently begun a freelance writing career after more than twenty years in the publishing industry. He spent seven years as a tutor in the New York City public school system.

SAT/ACT Math and Verbal, ISEE/SSAT, SAT Subject Test/Literature, Curriculum Math



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Gina is busy collaborating on various musical projects, recording her second album, and working on two different novels. Recently, Gina received airtime on MTV’s True Life series as well as received a scholarship to attend the BMI’s Songwriting Class in New York City.

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Gustavo is from Argentina, where he graduated from Universidad Nacional de Cuyo as a Professor of Hispanic Language and Literature. He teaches AP Spanish, Spanish 4, and Spanish as a second language at Abraham Clark HS. Gustavo loves to help his students experience the Hispanic language and culture!

Spanish curriculum, AP Spanish, and Spanish subject test

Ivy Educational Services private test prep tutor Jill.


Essay Specialist

Jill has amassed a lengthy career in the world of corporate communications, and yet still has managed to retain a passion for storytelling and appreciation for the power of the written word. Over the years she has made sporadic yet gallant attempts to complete the writing of an original two-hour television movie with six accompanying episodes. It is inches away from completion, and she vows to finish it before her kids do it for her.

College Essays

Ivy Educational Services staff faculty tutor Jon.



Jon earned his BS in Applied Physics from Rutgers University in 2007, graduating with highest honors. Since then, he has tutored high school students privately and at learning centers in both group and individual settings.

 GRE Math, SAT/ACT Math/Science, Physics, Chemistry, Math

Ivy Educational Services staff faculty tutor Julian.



Julian graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Chemical Engineering. He completed his master’s in Environmental Engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and is now working on entrepreneurial pursuits in San Antonio, TX. Only available via Skype.

SAT/ACT Math and Science, Chemistry, Physics

Ivy Educational Services staff faculty tutor Justin.



Justin graduated from Princeton University with a degree in mathematics, where he also took classes in vocal performance. Justin is also an experienced freelance editor.

SAT/ACT Math and Verbal, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Literature, Study Skills


Tutor & Essay Specialist

Lisa holds a BA in Theology/Media Studies from Fordham University and an MFA in Dramatic Writing from Tisch School of the Arts of New York University. She is a recipient of a New Jersey State Council on the Arts Fellowship in Playwriting. She has been tutoring academic and test prep reading and writing for many years. She enjoys traveling, reading, writing, sewing, and doing companion animal charity work.

ACT/SAT Verbal, Writing, College Essays

Ivy Educational Services staff faculty tutor Matt.



Matt has a BA in Classics from the University of Oregon and a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Princeton University. His dissertation is a global study of oral poetry and music in ancient and traditional cultures. He has taught at St. Peter’s College, Deep Springs College, Rutgers University, and Whitman College. For fun, he writes poetry, reads Plato, edits Wikipedia articles, plays chess and guitar, follows world events, and daydreams about space travel.

SAT/ACT Verbal/Math, Writing, Latin, Greek, Study Skills, Literature, History, Philosophy/Rhetoric, Politics, ISEE, SSAT, GRE/GMAT Verbal

Ivy Educational Services staff faculty tutor Melissa.



Melissa graduated from Montclair State University with a masters in Learning Disabilities; she is also certified as a Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant. Melissa has a BS in elementary education from the University of Delaware and is certified in K-8 general education and special education. Melissa administers educational evaluations, including dyslexia screenings. Melissa is certified in Orton Gillingham. Specific programs include Wilson, Project Read, Lindamood-Bell, and Recipe for Reading.

Educational Testing, Reading Comprehension, Study Skills, K-8 Curriculum Tutoring, ESL, LDTC

Ivy Educational Services staff faculty tutor Nancy.


Tutor & Essay Specialist

Nancy is a Ph.D. candidate with Master’s degrees from Brown University in English and Slavic/Comparative Literature. She has a BA in English and Political Science from Boston College and a second BA in Russian from Rutgers. She has published a literary study guide and is currently completing a collection of poetry.

SAT/ACT/GRE Verbal, Literature, Writing, Reading, College Essays

Ivy Educational Services staff faculty tutor Paul.



Paul tutors all levels of math, French, economics, and computer science from middle and high school through college. Paul grew up in the Wallonia (French-speaking southern region of Belgium) and graduated from the University of Mons, also in Belgium. Later, he pursued graduate business studies at Michigan State University where he worked as a teaching assistant in French.

SAT/ACT math and science, all curriculum math, economics, statistics, computer science, French and Italian.

Ivy Educational Services staff faculty yoga teacher Sabina.



Sabina is a native of Argentina and graduated from Washington University with a Master’s degree in Social Work. She has developed Spanish curricula and trained Spanish teachers. As a native speaker from Argentina, Sabina speaks, writes, reads, dreams, and cooks in Spanish. When she is not teaching, you will find her on the tennis courts, in a yoga pose or hiking with her family. Hasta pronto mis Amigos! (Until soon my Friends).

SAT Subject Test/Spanish, Study Skills



Sandesh earned his undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Drexel University. He worked as an SAT/ACT tutor independently for several years before joining Ivy Ed. He is also an experienced web developer and completes work for the front end of websites. His hobbies include reading, traveling, and  working out.

SAT/ACT Math & Science

Ivy Educational Services staff faculty tutor Stefanie.


Stefanie has been with Ivy Ed for over five years. Before that, she worked at Rutgers University where she earned a Master’s degree in Literacy Education. She graduated with a B.A. from the University of Virginia and then studied at universities in Italy, taking courses in Italian language, literature, and art history. Stefanie also worked at a large test prep and admissions company where she spent several years teaching SAT and TOEFL courses and managed various high school and graduate classes. She holds a CE for English at the secondary level.

SAT/ACT Math and Verbal, Writing, Study Skills, College Essays

Tutor & Essay Specialist


Susan graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with an honors degree in International Relations and a minor in Japanese, and has been working in publishing & media ever since! Susan‘s an avid reader and writer, a longtime alumni interviewer, a marketing consultant and local resident.

SAT/ACT Verbal, Writing, College Essays




Terence graduated from Rutgers with a BS in Applied Science & Engineering, and he also earned a Masters in Educational Leadership from Seton Hall University. He has been teaching Mathematics for the past seven years. Terence has written math curriculum and conducted workshops to improve math instruction. During his tenure as a math teacher, he has taught everything thing from Pre-Algebra to Calculus.

SAT/ACT Math & Science, ISEE/SSAT Math, Math Curriculum



Vladimir has a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MS degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Iowa (Iowa City).  He has many years of experience as a teacher of engineering, science, and math, as well as a rich experience as an engineer in the construction of hydroelectric power plants, water treatment, and solar power plants in many countries. Currently retired, Vladimir enjoys tutoring high school math courses as well as chemistry. He has helped dozens of students overcome the challenges of standardized tests.

SAT/ACT Math and Science, SAT Subject Tests, Chemistry, Spanish


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