We use Skype during inclement weather, and we also use it to reach our remote students in other states–or even other countries!¬† Some of our local students find that it saves time, too, since they don’t need to commute to our offices. We supplement using Skype with an online whiteboard or Google Docs. Some of our clients like it so much that they continue to see us from their living rooms even though they live a few miles from the office. With students around the world, we now use Skype (or Facetime) every day. It is exciting to walk through the office and see tutors and counselors smiling at students in Italy and Switzerland, Columbia and Chile, China and Australia.

Skype (available for download free at https://www.skype.com/en/) works very well for most students, but we understand that sometimes parents are skeptical of the idea. In today’s connected world, students communicate with their peers on video chat every day. If online tutoring might be more convenient, try a session to see if you learn just as much as you would in person! Some of our students and tutors opt for Facetime if they are Mac users, so please ask about Facetime (found here)¬†availability, too. We hope to see you soon, whether virtually or in person!