At Ivy Ed, we firmly believe that the best test preparation is possessing knowledge of the content that is covered on the tests. We also recognize that there are strategies, very useful strategies in fact, and when combined with mastery of the material, those tips and tricks can be very effective in raising ACT and SAT scores. For example, we offer FREE calculator workshops that allow students to input programs they can use the day of the test on sections where there is calculator use. This gives students a leg up in timing and resources, a strategy so to speak. And here are some of our other favorites, in time for spring testing season.

  • Prioritize the order in which you complete questions and passages. While you cannot do the full sections out of order, you certainly have control within each section!
  • Use process of elimination. Sometimes you can’t see the right answer, but you know which choices are definitely wrong.
  • Beware of tricks and traps. The test-makers often put it answers that could almost be correct, but aren’t because of a single word or wrong negative or positive sign. Be careful!
  • Focus on getting the easier questions correct. They’re worth just as much as the “harder” ones.
  • Have a timing plan going into the test and also have a worst-case scenario plan. Take a practice test and execute this timing plan.
  • Show your work! We know you can complete long addition in your head, but if a calculator is allowed, show what you’re adding and then use the calculator to confirm it.
  • Double check your work. Make sure you’ve bubbled correctly and haven’t left any circles blank. For SAT grid-ins, put 0 or 2 if you don’t know the answer. These seem to pop up a lot. Remember, there is NO PENALTY for wrong answers on the ACT and SAT.

For more strategies like these (and to review content itself), please call for an appointment with one of our tutors. We love helping students and seeing their scores increase!