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From the Founder’s Corner – January 2019

  1. As a result of accessibility to test preparation (including free online resources on Kahn Academy and the ACT Academy), the number of students scoring in the very high ranges is increasing.

2. As a result of selective colleges encouraging rigor in high school, more students are taking advantage of IB, AP, and dual       enrollment programs


  1. It’s becoming more difficult to predict admissibility at highly selective schools because of the growing numbers of qualified applicants
  2. Highly selective schools are becoming even more selective because the bar is rising on GPA, rigor, and test score results.

What can you do to increase our chances for next year’s cycle as the selectivity of the most competitive colleges continues to grow?

  1.   Try your best and drive yourself, but don’t drive yourself CRAZY!
  2.   Find an authentic love of learning. Don’t take classes that are rigorous just to go to the most selective colleges, take them for the love of learning.
  3.   Assess the reasons that you want to apply to selective colleges. Is it just for the prestige or is there a philosophy, program, professor that is motivating?
  4. Humility helps-if you apply to a reach school with a binding early decision agreement, don’t make assumptions about your admissibility and always have a back-up plan. Remember that expectations are premeditated resentments!


For a more detailed analysis on this topic, please take a look at this recent Higher Ed article.

Nicole Oringer


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