Test Preparation

Our test preparation and curriculum tutoring go hand-in-hand because we believe that helping students understand the academic material they need to succeed on a test or in the classroom is far better than teaching only test-taking tricks (though we teach those too!). For example, we show students how to read between the lines before we ever present them with an SAT/ACT reading section. We believe that students feel most confident with a solid academic foundation, supplemented by smart test-taking strategies. Just as important, we are thrilled that many of our “test prep students” begin to thrive in the classroom as a result of their improved academic preparation.

Private School Tests

Ivy Ed provides one-on-one test prep in person, via Skype (and online whiteboard), or through class packages for private school exams: SSAT, ISEE, COOP, and school-specific tests.

Test Prep on School Campus:

Ivy Ed offers ACT and/or SAT courses on high school campuses. If you would like to offer a class package, please call (908) 322-0533. We can also offer SSAT and/or ISEE class test prep packages on local private school campuses (during the class day, at lunchtime, or after school). We’ll tailor class packages and instruction to your students’ needs.

College Admission Tests

Click here to download a pdf version of the presentation “How to get through standardized testing with a smile: an overview of the ACT and SAT”

SAT or ACT Prep Package

Our unique Test Prep Class/Private Tutor Package is a more affordable test preparation option that still provides students with customized test-taking strategies and individualized instruction.

SAT Class/Private Tutor Package

7-week course, 21 hours of classroom instruction plus five private tutoring sessions, includes all class material, and one test simulation. Students can also sign up only for individual test sections (Math, Evidence-Based Reading, and Writing). Limit 10 students per class.

ACT Class/Private Tutor Package

7-week course, 21 hours of classroom instruction plus 5 one-hour private tutoring sessions, and one test simulation. Students can also sign up for just the English/Reading section or for just the Math/Science section. Limit 10 students per class.

Calculator Workshops

Students are able to program their graphing calculators so that they can save time and avoid mistakes on the SAT and the ACT. This free seminar includes two parts: a tutor will download all programs to the student’s calculator and then give a workshop to teach students how to use the programs effectively.

Private Test Preparation (SAT Subject Tests)

Students see the same tutor/class teacher each week because a tutor’s understanding of the way your child thinks can only develop through consistent meetings. Ivy Ed hires academic experts and then trains them to teach all types of students. Homework assignments for private sessions are tailored to your child, not the other way around. And if there is a way to make a topic more fun, we will use it! Ivy Educational Services also has a proud track record of helping students with diagnosed learning disabilities succeed on standardized tests, including teaching students with extended time how to use it effectively.

AP Tests

Our passionate test prep experts can guide students through a variety of AP coursework and tests. Whether it’s one month before the test or one year before the test, we can work with your child to set up a test preparation plan.

Graduate School

Ivy Ed provides private test prep, in person or via Skype (and online whiteboard), for the following graduate school exams: GMAT, GRE, and Praxis.

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