IvyEducational-test-prep-student-study-guideOne of the best ways to handle a stressful event is to prepare for it. Students need to study for ACTs if they want to do well and not get overwhelmed by the pressure.

In order to study for ACTs as efficiently as possible, students need to go to a place with a calm, focused environment, otherwise they’ll constantly face distractions and learn less. Here are just a few great spots where they can study for the ACTs without a problem.


Cafes are probably the best place students can go to study for ACTs. First of all, several studies have shown that ambient noise can make people more productive, especially the ambient noise of a cafe. In fact, Coffitivity is an entire website dedicated to replicating the ambient noise of a cafe to make users more productive. Secondly, there’s good, fresh coffee there. Other studies have shown that caffeine can help students focus on intense and complex materials, which is what most students likely think of their ACT study questions and ACT test prep books.


Libraries are the next best place students can go to study for ACTs. Like cafes, libraries have some ambient noise to keep students productive, but are much quieter, which might be more beneficial to others who have trouble staying focused. Also, libraries are literal centers of information, so if a student needs to look up more materials when they’re trying to study for ACTs, they can.

The Park.

If it’s nice outside, why not head to a park to get some studying done while enjoying the fresh air? Being all cooped up can make students stressed and even fidgety, which is terrible for productivity, so if the weather is amenable why not get some Vitamin D and some knowledge?

If you know of any other great spots to study for ACTs and get some college test prep review done, feel free to share in the comments.