Ivy Educational Services grand opening in Fanwood NJ.What does it take to become an Ivy Ed tutor?  A LOT!  We pride ourselves on hiring the best and brightest so that we can serve our students well. While scores are important (tutors must score in the 99th percentile for the ACT or SAT subject they teach), we look for passion, enthusiasm, and a commitment to our students. Unlike many of our competitors, all of our tutors have four-year college degrees, and many have advanced degrees. Our curriculum tutors are leaders in their fields and are passionate about the subjects they teach, whether it’s the Classics, Java coding, or physical science. We try to match our tutors to our students based on how we think their personalities will mesh. Some of our tutors are quiet, others are boisterous, and all are eager to help your children succeed.

One of our veteran math tutors speaks math (along with a few other languages). She loves showing students how to work on complex calculus problems and works at a local school as a teacher. Another one of our tutors thrives on conducting experiments with middle school kids. He also ventures into more advanced sciences, like AP Chem. We have a verbal tutor who holds a Ph.D. in comparative literature and reads and speaks ancient languages. He has taught students how to write using the Viking Runic alphabet.

These talents are all on top of the rigorous score requirements we hold our tutors to. Our ACT/SAT tutors take an officially released test and need to get at least a 34 (out of 36) in each section of the ACT they plan to teach or a 750-760 (out of 800) on the SAT sections they wish to teach. Think that’s easy?  Take our challenge and complete a practice test on your own…this is also great if you want to understand what your high school junior is going through!  Here are the sites where you can find free practice tests: ACT and SAT.

Our tutors come from varied backgrounds–the medical field, academia, and marketing–as well as from the test prep and education industry. We are so proud of our team and all they do. Our hope is that their passion translates into higher scores and stronger academic performances for your children.